How to Track Fitness Progress Off the Scale

The scale measures your relationship with gravity - and that’s all. It does not measure your strength. It does not measure your health. It does not represent your values. And most importantly: it does not determine your self-worth. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to rely on the number on the scale as a go-to source to […]

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How to Make a Fitness Comeback

You were finally able to get into rhythm of working out regularly. You tried your best to meal prep every Sunday evening (although sometimes you waited until Monday... or Wednesday). You even bought new fitness attire to match your personality and it actually fits! But despite your best efforts and good intentions, somewhere along the […]

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Finding the Balance Between Fitness and Life

Most of us struggle with trying to balance family, work and fitness in our daily routines. All-to-often we put our family’s needs above taking care of our own personal health because we feel they deserve it. (Spoiler alert: you do, too!) And at other times, we feel the need to prioritize work and customer relationships […]

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New Year's Revolutions

We are kicking-off 2018 focused on everyone’s favorite January topic: New Year’s resolutions! But… it’s not what you think ? We know the term “New Year's resolutions” can have negative connotations to some people. If you’ve tried setting resolutions in the past, only to quit, you may be mentally setting yourself up for failure - […]

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