This is How Much I've Gained in 2018

This is a guest post from Legacy Life Fitness client, Erica Martin In terms of practically everything except weight, “gaining” is considered to be a positive event! Someone who’s exclaiming “I’ve gained experience!” is excited to be growing professionally, while someone who has lost their job feels like they’re missing out on that same experience. […]

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Make Nutrition a Healthy Habit Before the Holidays

They’re coming: the holidays! Touted to be the most wonderful time of the year, yet we often end up dreading the rush and stress it brings. Plus, with all the extra food-related celebrations we attend, it’s no wonder some of us gain an annoying 5-10 pounds by the time the clock strikes midnight on the […]

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Appreciate What Your Body is Capable of, Today

It’s the end of your planned strength routine, the blood is pumping and your muscles are toast, but you’re going to crank out one more movement before calling it quits. You pick up a pair of dumbbells, pleasantly surprised at how you feel holding them, set your shoulders back and start alternating curls. “10… 11… […]

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What it Can Feel Like Trying to be a “Fit Mom”

There was a recent question posted in a fitness-focused Facebook Group, “Momma guilt squad.... am I a terrible mother if I leave my kiddo an extra hour at daycare so I can workout? Or do you mommas have any advice for how you get it done?” How do you think this community replied? With kindness […]

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3 Full Body Circuit Workouts when You’re in a Pinch

Every once in awhile we’re able to successfully find the balance between fitness and life, but it’s also realistic to know things won’t always go as planned. (Okay, maybe like 50/50.) One of the biggest struggles which can derail our good intentions is, well, life. You may have scheduled your workout and planned a full […]

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Finding the Balance Between Fitness and Life

Most of us struggle with trying to balance family, work and fitness in our daily routines. All-to-often we put our family’s needs above taking care of our own personal health because we feel they deserve it. (Spoiler alert: you do, too!) And at other times, we feel the need to prioritize work and customer relationships […]

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