Multiple Choice: Which Back to School Workout Routine is Best for You?

Are you relieved your kids are headed back to school? Or, are you reluctant to send them off because you know you’ll miss their daily antics… plus going back to school means back to a busy schedule?

Either way, the time has come for the end-of-summer schedule shakeup, where it’s time to work together to find a new routine which works for everyone in the family. Instead of meeting this seasonal change with resistance, you can refocus your energy into creating an exercise routine you look forward to and helps get yours through the daily grind.

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Which Back to School Workout Routine is Best for You?

The goal of each option is to help you find a routine which works best for you and your family. Remember: you never need to live by the all-or-nothing rule. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to follow the exact same routine every single day, and if you can’t then you just skip it entirely. Something is almost always better than nothing when it comes to fitness. You may find you prefer to sleep in on Monday mornings and opt to workout after work instead - or take a rest dayLunchtime These are meant to help give you ideas for creating a solid workout routine which doesn’t stress you out!

Option #1: Early morning wake-up call

Morning people who find themselves waking up with the sun are most likely to choose the wee hours to get their workout in. After All, your family is still asleep, the gym tends to be less crowded than it is after work, plus this way you know it’s done for the day and can feel good getting in some movement before your schedule goes awry.

Depending on when you’re able to wake up, exercising this early will give you plenty of time to fit in the full routine you have planned, without rushing around the gym floor or spending precious time waiting on a weight machine.

The biggest tip for working out this early in the day is prep everything the night before: your gym clothes, water bottle, pre-workout (drink or snack), and even your business attire! Also, traffic may be a little heavier than you’re used to on the way back home, so be sure to factor in a few extra minutes along your morning commute.

Option #2: Mid-morning crunch

For those with a more flexible schedule, a mid-morning routine can be ideal. This gives you time to get your family ready for school, enjoy breakfast, hit the gym, then shower and still be ready to take on the day!

While local gyms may not have as much to offer at these times, there’s the option to attend Legacy Bootcamp at 9:30 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! It’s a great option for those who want the full-body workout along with great social motivation to power you through that last round of squats or burpees!

Option #3: Lunchtime power hour

First, let’s be realistic and admit to only having 45-minutes for a lunchtime workout. This will give you extra time to freshen up so you don’t return to the office smelling like that forgotten sock at the bottom of your gym bag.

Your lunchtime workout should be fast-and-focused, like high-intensity interval training incorporating explosive, powerful movements. Think compound exercises (movements that include more than one joint in the body) like squats to dumbbell shoulder presses, push-ups and bench press, double arm lat rows and pull-ups, or weighted lunges and step-ups. Skip the counting and set a timer for 20 seconds - alternating as many reps as you can during that time, then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat the process for each exercise until you’ve gone through all of them, then rest for another 90 seconds. Repeat three to five more times and you’ll be feeling it before your 45-minutes is up. Interval training is great at making the most out of your movements in a short amount of time, can raise your metabolism, and will give you the energy to power through the rest of the day!

Bonus: here are three more full-body circuits you could perform when you're in a pinch!

Option #4: Five o’clock fitness

It’s true many gyms get packed immediately after work. While you may not have as much access to a squat rack, most facilities offer a variety of fitness classes at this time, giving you even more options to move your body in different ways. For example, you could attend a pilates, ab blaster, Spin or “body pump” class!

Or, you could run home to change, eat dinner, then join us for Legacy Bootcamp at 6:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday evening! A workout at this time would still get you back home in time to tuck the kids into bed and have a little time to unwind before you go to bed.

Option #5: After the kids are asleep

It’s never too late to squeeze in your workout. In fact, many night owls prefer to exercise in the evening to help their bodies release any stress they may have accumulated throughout the day. Some like performing a high intensity, plyometric routine can help blow off the day’s steam, while others may opt for a long, relaxing yoga session to center your chi and lull you off to sleep.

Which back to school option is best for you?

Now is a great time to jump back into your old workout regimen, or shake things up and find a new routine to fit your new schedule. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure you stay focused and keep on track. Practice looking through your calendar every Sunday and set aside dedicate exercise time around other events. The act of scheduling in this time helps ensure you show up, as with any other appointment, because your workouts are just as important as any other commitment! You’ll be much more likely to keep on track and not miss it if it’s already scheduled.

Being consistent over the long run is what is going to get you to your next goal. You’ll be proud of yourself, have more energy, continue to see progress, and feel better overall by staying on track. And don’t forget to have fun with it, friends! Always remember to take it one day, one choice, and one moment at a time!

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