15 Thoughts Everyone Has During Legacy Bootcamp

Legacy Life Fitness hosts Legacy Bootcamp several times each week to give participants a chance to get their workout in without having to feel overwhelmed in a typical gym setting. The best thing about our workouts, however, is how we manage to persevere together despite the sassy self-talk which most tend to engage in at some point...

#1) “I’m glad other people showed up today so I’m not being tortured by myself.”

#2) “Dang, if today’s workout is anything like this warm-up, I’m going to crush it!”

#3) “Especially when the trainer tells me I’m doing a great job.”

#4) “Uh-oh. I think drank my pre-workout way too fast to be doing this much plyo.”

#5) “Wait. It’s only been 15 minutes?!?!”

#6) “Why do trainers think it’s funny to add more reps while they’re counting? Because it’s not.”

#7) “This workout is making my hungry. Good thing I’m eating after this.”

#8) “Hmmm. What am I going to eat after this?”

#9) “CARBS! But like, sensible ones.”

#10) “... Or not.”

#11) “What did he say we are doing?

#12) “Ugh, this workout sucks.”

#13) “Seriously. If I have to do one more rep I’m going to die.”

#14) “Did he say, ‘Time to stretch?!’ Thank goodness we’re done.”

#15) “I forgot how much I love coming to Legacy Bootcamp and working out with my friends!”

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