The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

It’s that time of year again when you feel ready to recommit yourself to becoming a healthier, happier, fitter you, so you know you need to start somewhere. But where do you start? How should you get started? If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or haven’t maintained a regular exercise routine in some time, then it’s only natural to feel a little overwhelmed. This is where hiring a personal trainer can help you navigate and overcome any reason which may be hindering your new found sense of enthusiasm of creating a healthier version of you.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Trainer

There are generally two reasons why people become interested in hiring a personal trainer: either they don’t know where to start and are looking for new guidance in the gym, or they have specific areas they’re looking to improve upon and know they need that extra level of motivation to help them get there. We know both come with a series of questions which may cause doubt, such as “Will they judge me? Can I afford it?” and “What if I don’t get the results I’m looking for?”

Instead of continuing with this self-talk, which could lead you to become hesitant - or even resistant - to contacting a personal trainer, take these primary pros and cons into consideration… but starting with the “cons” because no one likes to end on a negative note 😉

The cons of hiring a personal trainer

By “cons” we mean those thoughts which will pop-up while playing Devil’s advocate in an attempt to talk yourself out of hiring someone. While they aren’t negatives per se, they are genuine concerns many people have.

One: You may be worried they’ll judge you.

Nope! Or at least, they shouldn’t. A good trainer should be able to relate to you and understand what you’re capable of without making you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some people have had poor experiences working with someone who wasn’t the right match for their fitness level and may have been left with a bad taste for one-on-one training. If you’ve had this experience, please know this shouldn’t be the case (and we’d love to help change your perspective while helping you build your legacy!)

Two: You think the cost is too expensive.

No surprise here, it will cost extra to train with a professional as opposed to hitting the weight room by yourself. But, consider everything which comes with what you’re paying for: someone who has studied, tested and become certified in physical fitness and nutrition. Someone who will teach you proper technique to keep you safe and free of injury. Someone who knows you well enough to have your back on low days, and push you hard (see below!) on high days.

Another option instead of diving into the cost of one-on-one training would be to look for semi-private personal training sessions so you can share the cost with a couple of other people who are of similar fitness levels and have similar goals, without absorbing 100% of the cost.

Three: You’re concerned with how hard they’ll push you.

This one is really both a pro and a con, however, we're adding it to the "con" list because sometimes being pushed to your max effort is not fun... until after it's done! Maybe a day-or-two after your muscle soreness is under control, you reflect on how your last training session is helping you grow to reach your goals (and build your legacy).

The pros of hiring a personal trainer

One: You’ll form a new friendship!

It’s inevitable you’ll talk about your personal life while training (especially if you’re trying to procrastinate between sets) and hearing about your trainer’s life as well - but that’s a good thing! These casual conversations will let you develop a friendship with your trainer, giving you another reason to trust them with your health. Plus, your new friendship will help you look forward to each session, just as you would look forward to meeting for drinks with another friend.

Two: You’ll crave the added motivation.

Your personal trainer will motivate you in new ways you wouldn't experience if training on your own: They’ll count out your remaining reps, loudly, so you know exactly how many more are left before you can take a breather. (They also might throw in a few extra reps because they know you can handle it.) You’ll notice your trainer’s tone will fluctuate with power as they help correct your form and get you to focus on that moment. And if they’re savvy enough, they’ll send you silly fitness memes prior to your scheduled session to check-in and get you in the mood to workout. Hopefully you find you are more motivated to hit it hard when you’re working closely with a friend, making it harder to cancel on a whim even when you’re “just not feeling it” that day.

Three: You will get the results you want.

Once you’ve come to trust their training process (which can take time) and you’re honest about your fitness and nutrition outside of your weekly training session, your personal trainer can design the right program custom tailored to fit your goals. Then, they’ll be putting their trust in you to do the work necessary outside of the gym. Working together in this partnership will help you succeed in achieving the fitness results you want!

After you’ve taken the time to think about each point, the most important part is finding the right personal trainer who fits your personality and exercise style. You wouldn’t want to hire a Zumba instructor if you’re looking to specifically improve your strength performance or change your body composition, right? Not only does it help to have someone who has experience with what you’re trying to achieve, but also someone who’s personal lifestyle compliments your life as well - such as another parent who understands what it’s like to have a two-year-old running around the house at 5:30 am every day… They’ll be more likely to understand why you’re more tired than usual and how to redirect your energy (or lack thereof) to still get you the results you want to see.

We would love for you to contact us if you’ve been thinking about hiring a personal trainer so we can talk through everything together. It’s just as important to us to understand your background and fitness level first so we can help establish the best program for you. We want to help you feel fit, healthy and happy as you begin this new year, feeling confident in yourself while successfully reaching your 2018 goals.

Happy New Year!

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