"The Best" Weight Loss

Everyone's looking for the answer so here it is, the only tip you need for successful weight loss and maintenance!

I often get asked what "the best" way to eat is, or which diet leads to "the best" results. My answer will always be, "Whichever one you'll stick with and works best for you!"

That's it! There isn't one magical diet that is the absolute best because everyone is different and has different needs. Even for one individual, what works now may not work forever with strength, activity, and lifestyle changes over time.

Long term research suggests it doesn't matter which plan you choose to use for weight loss because what really matters is adhering to a reduced caloric intake, filled with a well-balanced diet of healthy food, based on your personal level of activity, consistently over your whole life. This is "the best" way to ensure a life of healthy weight maintenance.

If you're not sure where to actually start or want help in getting started, then Legacy Life Fitness is here for you. Contact me and we can discuss what your individual needs are and find "the best" weight loss solution for you!

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