September Featurette: Joe Comfort

Each month, Legacy Life Fitness will feature an active participant on their journey to building their own legacy.

May Featurette: Joe Comfort

(Q) What is your current occupation, and for how long?

I am a Registered Nurse Supervisor at the University of Missouri Hospital.

(Q) How long have you been working out?

I have been working out with LLF for a little over one year, but I have been working out intermittently over the last 9 years since college.

Q) How do you find the time & motivation for your workouts, on top of a very demanding career?

I work on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays at the hospital, so I have time during the week to work out and the workouts improve my energy and help me focus on my work when I return to take care of patients. 

Q) You’ve been an LLF client for one year. Why do you keep coming?

I like Bryce’s coaching style and motivation. I really enjoy working out with someone who is knowledgeable about the importance of whole life wellness as well as the proper form for lifting.

Q) What are the greatest benefits you've felt from continuing the exercise?

Improved energy, self-confidence, increased strength for my job.

Q) What's your favorite exercise, or type of workout?

I like big weight Olympic style lifts as well as whole-body HIIT training.

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