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Get Personal Training without the Personal Expense

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, “Back to school means back into a routine!” It means the end of swim season once the pools close after Labor Day. But it also means it’s the ideal time to refocus your time and energy on… yourself! The kids have their school supplies, you have […]
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How I’m Persevering through Life's Struggles

We’ve all read the story or watched the video about an ordinary individual overcoming great difficulties in their life to achieve something better for themselves. I have even worked with clients who have gone through the worst trials and tribulations, making their stories of determination and perseverance truly inspiring. It’s reassuring to our sense of […]
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How to Track Fitness Progress Off the Scale

The scale measures your relationship with gravity - and that’s all. It does not measure your strength. It does not measure your health. It does not represent your values. And most importantly: it does not determine your self-worth. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to rely on the number on the scale as a go-to source to […]
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5 Quick-n-Healthy Dinners to Devour This Summer

Even though you’ve used the hashtag #mealprepmonday in the past, meal planning doesn’t always happen every single week. You come home after a long day at work and realize you don’t have dinner planned. It’s too hot to heat up the kitchen, and you don’t want to dedicate the next hour to cooking over the […]
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Friendship-Oriented Fitness: Why We Love Boot Camp

I started Legacy Boot Camp to create a space for individuals of any age, capability and fitness level to explore their fitness journey in an encouraging and supportive space - especially as we're all working to find a balance between improving our health and living a life we enjoy. By presenting them with obstacles, people […]
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9 Reasons Why Women Should Strength Train

Ok, if you just read the title and immediately reacted with, “I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to look bulky,” then this is 100% for you! (And, unfortunately, you are not alone in that feeling.) A mere 25% of women strength train regularly, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. […]
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15 Thoughts Everyone Has During Legacy Bootcamp

Legacy Life Fitness hosts Legacy Bootcamp several times each week to give participants a chance to get their workout in without having to feel overwhelmed in a typical gym setting. The best thing about our workouts, however, is how we manage to persevere together despite the sassy self-talk which most tend to engage in at […]
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Healthy Habits to Help You Succeed This Summer

If Memorial Day’s hot temps were any indication, Summer is unofficially here and our routines are about to change pace, if they haven’t already. Some days may feel more relaxed than others, but for the most part schedules change and things tend to become hectic: kids are out of school, the days are longer, and […]
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New Morning Bootcamp Sessions This Summer

School may be but, but summer schedules seem to be filling up quickly. Instead of feeling disappointed you might have to miss your favorite Saturday morning workout (aka Legacy Bootcamp, of course), now you can simply move it to another day during the week! Legacy Life Fitness is adding new Legacy Bootcamp sessions every Monday, […]
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Appreciate What Your Body is Capable of, Today

It’s the end of your planned strength routine, the blood is pumping and your muscles are toast, but you’re going to crank out one more movement before calling it quits. You pick up a pair of dumbbells, pleasantly surprised at how you feel holding them, set your shoulders back and start alternating curls. “10… 11… […]
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