Monthly Fitness Challenge: January 2018

After receiving a special request on New Year's Eve for more fitness challenges, we will be bringing back our "monthly fitness challenge" to incorporate into your routine. While you may not be entered to win a specific prize, your reward will be getting stronger each time you complete it! (Of course that's what a fitness professional would say...)

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Your daily workout routine:

First, hit 15 minutes of cardio every day. This could include any low-intensity, steady-state movement such as going for a walk outside, walking on the treadmill, or walking around your house. You could bump-up your heart rate with a moderate level of activity such as cycling or jogging. Or for those of you who want something more vigorous, you could perform several cycles of high-intensity interval training.

There's also a strength portion in addition to the cardio, our "10-10-20 bodyweight circuit". For January, this circuit includes:

You can join the challenge by sharing your workout with us on the Legacy Life Fitness Facebook page!

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