May Featurette: Meet Leslie

Each month, Legacy Life Fitness will feature an active participant on their journey to building their own legacy.

May Featurette: Meet Leslie

(Q) What is your current occupation, and for how long?

I am a freshman government teacher Hickman High School - going on for 19 years!

(Q) How long have you been working out?

21 years.

Q) How do you find the time & motivation for you workouts, on top of being a High school teacher with a very demanding class schedule?

For me, the motivation is providing myself “me” time. I have always worked out before school because I know how easy it is for the day/energy to get away from you. My workouts really help set the tone for my day and my attitude. Even though I am human and there are many mornings
I wake up tired and don’t want to go, I am ALWAYS glad I did. Workouts give me energy that I need for the day. One reason I have maintained this lifestyle is that I love my body, not hate it. I am in competition with myself and do it as a lifestyle not "for a trip, bathing suit, or a life event" I found doing it for isolated reasons only gets isolated, not long term results!

Q) You’ve been an LLF client for about 9 months, why did you start with LLF & why do you keep coming?

Because I have been working out for so long it is easy to get into a rut. One of my dear friends had me come to boot camp with her. Even though I did similar classes at my gym it was nice to have the comradery and differing workouts. It is here that I met Bryce and really enjoyed his style and training and wealth of knowledge that you just can’t get from a website or a book. This is such a personal journey and he has structured my workouts/foods to what my needs are…not the “masses” that they gear the internet articles to.

Q) What are the greatest benefits of consistently working out?

Working out has always made me feel good….now I feel strong! But the greatest benefit is overall health! Working in school it can be a challenge with all the germs (smiles) but working out helps not only my immune system but mental health as well!

Q) What’s your favorite exercise or style of workout?

I love to run (but I am not a fast runner) …it is easy to get lost in my own thoughts and music. But I am finding as my body is responding to the weights I enjoy seeing my body become more sculpted and defined, something I have always wanted and I knew my body needed especially as
I am quickly approaching 50!

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