Get Personal Training without the Personal Expense

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again, “Back to school means back into a routine!” It means the end of swim season once the pools close after Labor Day.

But it also means it’s the ideal time to refocus your time and energy on… yourself! The kids have their school supplies, you have a rough outline of what your fall schedule will look like, but what do you have planned for you? Let’s talk personal training.

Maybe you’ve never worked with a personal trainer before because you didn’t think you were lifting heavy enough to need one, or maybe you were worried about the expense making too large of an impact on your family’s budget. Or, maybe personal training just feels way too intimidating to go at it by yourself. (I could go on-and-on with the pros and cons of hiring a personal trainer.) But, have you considered getting started with semi-private personal training, instead?

What is semi-private personal training?

Semi-private personal training consists of a smaller group of 2-4 individuals, provides the same one-on-one attention of a private session but also has the same peer support and motivation of a larger boot camp! This style of training can be a great opportunity for you to team-up with your BFFs or your S/O and get started on a new routine together so you can all create a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re already training with Legacy Life Fitness in a private setting, semi-private personal training can stretch your budget a bit further by allowing you to attend more frequently while still achieving the same results.

Each training session is about 55-minutes in duration, including the warm-up and a cool down/stretch. Every session is customized to the needs, goals and fitness level of each client in your group, with no two workouts being the same. Of course there may be occasions where everyone is integrating similar exercises into the routine (hello burpees!) but you can be sure your experience is tailored for you, not your training partners.

Get started with LLF’s PT special!

To help you get started, Legacy Life Fitness is offering a semi-private personal training special through August 31. This package will let you and up to three other training partners purchase 8 sessions for $120 total - that’s $40 off the price of a typical training package!

Please contact me, Bryce Atkins, via web or Facebook to schedule your first semi-private personal training session so we can start your new routine… before Starbucks releases its next seasonal latte!

Semi-private personal training special with Legacy Life Fitness

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