Friendship-Oriented Fitness: Why We Love Boot Camp

I started Legacy Boot Camp to create a space for individuals of any age, capability and fitness level to explore their fitness journey in an encouraging and supportive space - especially as we're all working to find a balance between improving our health and living a life we enjoy. By presenting them with obstacles, people find they can grow stronger both mentally and physically. So, my goal is for every person who comes to a class to feel empowered as soon as they leave, knowing they accomplished a little more than they thought they were capable of doing. I want them to know that by allocating this hour for their health, they are creating a better legacy for themselves and for the world they impact everyday.

Legacy Boot Camp has exceeded my expectations in how it's influencing this group of dedicated attendees, who have become their own fitness family as they motivate eachother and work together to accomplish feats they might not have attempted on their own.

Why do they love Legacy Boot Camp?

I have done something I thought would be impossible - I’ve made a habit of working out. Legacy Fitness Boot Camp helped me achieve that goal. I have a group of people who are fitness-oriented who cheer me on while holding me accountable. If I miss a workout, people notice and reach out to me. It’s exactly what I need - friendly accountability. -Rachel H.

I've never done a boot camp before and this was an amazing experience. The classes are so fun and unique. -Jackie R.

I look so forward to boot camp. Bryce continually switches things up for us, and shows us how to adapt to our own specific needs. I am TOTALLY in to it! -Janet R.

I love coming to boot camp for the exercise and social! We have built a welcoming, caring workout family. -Jacquie W.

I'm 65 years old, and I can't believe I'm doing this. It's awesome! -Pat W.

Love me some Legacy Boot Camp! Always a great, challenging workout that is never the same so I don’t get bored and is always at my own pace. Love the fun and supportive atmosphere! -Trish W.

Why do you love Legacy Boot Camp?

If you haven't experienced a boot camp-style class with our fitness family yet, we all invite you to join us sometime! Check our schedule of weekly sessions to see which time works best for you, then let me know you're interested in attending!

I started attending Legacy Bootcamp last month after over two years of not working out. Bryce and the group instantly made me feel welcome and at easy. The workouts are challenging enough that I often wake up sore the next day (especially the first week!), but Bryce's encouraging style and the fun group atmosphere makes it easy to get through. When an exercise was a little too difficult for me just getting back into things, Bryce would offer an alternative to help me out. Not only have I learned a lot about exercising (proper form, keep breathing, specific exercises, etc), but I have more energy than I've had in a long time and I've had fun all along the way! -Jessica L.

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