April Featurette: Meet Rachel

Each month, Legacy Life Fitness will feature an active participant on their journey to building their own legacy.

April Featurette: Meet Rachel

(Q) What is your current occupation, and for how long?

I am an educator of young minds (a.k.a. first grade teacher.) I have been teaching at Rock Bridge Elementary for 10 years and counting.

(Q) How long have you been working out?

I have been working out for 8 years on a regular basis after more than 10 years of starting and stopping too many workout routines.

(Q) How do you find the time & motivation for your workouts, on top of being an Elementary school teacher with a very active class?

Working out is my social time with adults after long days at school with busy little people. I plan my week of family time and dinners around my Monday and Wednesday evening boot camp. Also, I know that I will be missed by the other Legacy Life Fitness (LLF) regulars if I don’t hold to my workout commitments. That accountability helps me set myself up for success. In the end, I know that I feel better working out rather than if I don’t. The most important thing for me to do is just show up. Everything else takes care of itself if I do that one simple thing.

(Q) You’ve been a Legacy Life Fitness client for 6 years, why do you keep coming?

I have found a group of people at LLF that I fit in with and can be myself. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. I can modify when I have to and push where I can and continue on my own physical fitness journey alongside others working on their own goals. I like knowing that I am part of something as unique as LLF is because everyone who wants to be there is important. I would miss not being a part of the LLF community and that is enough to keep me constantly coming back for more. Being a part of such a community has a built=in accountability factor that keeps me focused on my fitness goals.

(Q) What are the greatest benefits from continuing to workout?

My health has become an important focus in my life over the past few years. I know the best way to take care of myself is adopting a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. I always feel better after a workout and that helps me make better eating choices in between my workout times. By working out on a regular basis it helps me focus on feeling good making healthy choices, which lead to more healthy choices. It is important for me to be proactive about my physical and mental health.. Working out regularly is the key to my healthy body and mind. I like feeling healthier and stronger and working out does that for me.

(Q) What’s your favorite exercise or style of workout?

I love the strength I feel with lifting. That is my favorite type of workout without a doubt. At LLF I have stepped out of my comfort zone by trying new things at bootcamp. As I think about my best workouts, they are the workouts that I do with people I have gotten to know through LLF.

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