4 Quick Tricks to Help Fight Fatigue

Our energy levels cycle throughout the day and can be influenced by our sleeping habits, the food we’ve consumed, recent workouts, stress… and the list goes on. There may be days when your little one refused to sleep through the night and you’re forced to trudge through your day. Or, there may also be times when you wake up feeling fantastic and refreshed, only to find yourself nodding off at your desk after lunch.

Here’s your pick-me-up: four tips to fight fatigue - all of which are free and don’t require a trip to Starbucks!

4 Quick Tricks to Help Fight Fatigue

Tip #1: Take a cold shower

If you’re someone who tends to hit the snooze button more times than you’d like to admit… followed by dragging yourself out of bed and taking a hot shower and dreaming of coffee, then you may want to try this tip: try taking a short, cold shower instead.

Before you skip to tip #2, know that taking a cold shower can be extremely beneficial in several ways! The shock of cold water will force your body to take deeper breaths, sending more oxygen to your brain and thereby increasing your alertness. The cold also helps your skin retain moisture so it doesn’t dry out as easily, and speeds up muscle recovery (which might feel really good after that tough Legacy Boot Camp you attended the day before).

Maybe ice cold showers aren’t for everyone. Or, maybe, you find your afternoon slump is harder to push through than your morning routine.

Tip #2: Flip upside down

Turning your body upside down reverses your blood flow, sending more oxygen to the brain and increasing your cognitive function. And you don’t even need to be a yogi to reap the benefits of an inversion! There are many different, comfortable ways to flip your body upside down, with the easiest being a move called legs up the wall.

The Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel features a video on how to get into this pose, with optional modifications so you’re safely getting the full benefit.

Tip #3: Drink a cold glass of water

If your boss would prefer you to not do yoga in the middle of the office at 2:00 pm, then maybe you could take a quick break to pour yourself a glass of cold water. Dehydration can send confusing signals to the body which don’t inherently let us know we’re simply thirsty. Some people may feel more hungry when they’re in need of water, others might feel more tired. If you’re feeling either one of these symptoms, drink water to see if it isn’t just your body trying to let you know it needs some H2O!

Tip #4: Take a walk in the sun

Changing your environment from sitting in an enclosed space to walking outside for 15-20 minutes can both boost your energy levels and your mood as the sunshine naturally stimulates Vitamin D production. Plus, moving your body gets your heart pumping and oxygen flowing more fully. While combining both pieces to this energy boost can feel great, don’t forget that taking a walk through your building, up-and-down the stairs, will also help you feel better.

If you find yourself feeling run down and need a quick fix, try one of these tips (instead of getting coffee) to help you get back to feeling your best!

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