3 Full Body Circuit Workouts when You’re in a Pinch

Every once in awhile we’re able to successfully find the balance between fitness and life, but it’s also realistic to know things won’t always go as planned. (Okay, maybe like 50/50.) One of the biggest struggles which can derail our good intentions is, well, life. You may have scheduled your workout and planned a full routine at the gym, but then “life happens” and you get stuck at work for an extra 30 minutes, school calls to let you know your child is sick and needs to be picked up ASAP, or you have to run an unanticipated errand - which always takes five times longer than expected.

What do you do?

You could skip your workout all together. No one would fault you for having to rearrange your schedule at the last second. Then you could just go home, sit down and recoup from your busy day... ?

Or, you could shift your mindset from disappointment to opportunity and try one of these three circuit-style workouts. They require very little (or zero!) equipment, minimal space, and can be completed in 20 minutes or less depending on how many rounds you preform!

3 Full Body Circuit Workouts when You’re in a Pinch

In a pinch? Here are 3 full body circuit workout ideas:

Full body circuit #1

  • Shoulder width Squat to Overhead shoulder press
  • Alternating forward lunge with bicep curls
  • Jumping jacks

Full body circuit #2

  • Wide Stance Squats to front shoulder press-out
  • Side lunge with upright row
  • High-knee run

Full body circuit #3

  • Skier squats (narrow stance) with tricep kickbacks
  • Side-to-side squats with bicep curls
  • Burpees!!!

Each of these circuits was specifically designed to engage multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate pumping for a bigger calorie burn. You could either stick with your own bodyweight for each, or utilize either dumbbells or resistance bands if available. Try completing 8-12 repetitions of each move, proceed directly into the next move without resting until you’ve completed all three movements, then rest for 60-90 seconds between rounds. Start at performing three rounds of whichever circuit you choose, adding on until you’re able to complete five. (Then hit the shower because you’ll definitely get sweaty!)

The most important thing is you try. Try getting something in and don’t skip the workout, even if it’s not the workout you originally wanted to do. Try not to use “life” as an excuse to keep you from following through with your fitness goals.

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